Clean Sweep

As India’s first mechanised road sweeping company, Lion Services Ltd. is the leader in providing comprehensive city cleaning solutions for local municipalities across Indian cities. Our ‘Clean Sweep’ initiative involves the use of mechanised solutions to address major impediments to clean and sanitary public infrastructure, including city roads, community markets, street furniture, public toilets, transportation terminals, and national monuments.


Best Resources

We use the most technologically advanced mechanised road sweepers (customised to Indian conditions) to tackle the challenge of cleaning our cities. Our fleet of mechanised road sweepers include integrated heavy duty mechanised sweepers, truck-mounted sweepers, and smaller ride-on sweepers.


Best Practices

Our processes incorporate the latest technological systems, which add efficiency to our day-to-day practices. Throughout our work, we comply with the most stringent environmental standards to minimise our environmental footprint. Likewise, our CSR initiatives work towards instilling civic responsibility among citizens to ensure the continued maintenance of our cities.


Best Results

Lion Services Ltd. has been recognised at the highest level of government, with our GIS-based mechanised sweeping project in Mohali having been established as an industry best practice by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. We continually strive to improve our services, and periodically incorporate feedback from citizens and local authorities.